Kirby Annual Report 2021

A Career of Service and Compassion ƞer nearly four decades serving Kirby edical Center and Piatt CountyǾ r. anint is hanging up his white coat and retiring in une ǗǕǗǗ. Celebrating Dr. James Manint

t the end of the dayǾ we had seen

14 patients, and we never loo(ed bac(Ȃ says r. anint.

r. anint started his Kirby career wor(ing as a custodian at the hospital. t the timeǾ he was only a sophomore in high schoolǾ but that e5perience opened his eyes to the positive impact a physician can have on patients. e decided to pursue a career in medicine and wor(ed diligently to become a compassionateǾ trusted family practice and geriatrics physician. Ȋy career began in ebruary ǖǞǝǙǾ when opened my oƛice on the former Kirby ospital groundsǾȋ e5plains r. anint. Ȋy wifeǾ CathyȀ my nurseǾ arilyn rmstrongȀ and began that Tuesday with the anticipation of having a slow dayǾ as was new in town.ȋ oweverǾ it was clear the community was thrilled to have a new doctor in townǾ and r. anint and his team e5perienced a very eventful first day.

Since that first dayǾ r. anint never slowed down.

Ȋver the past ǘǝ yearsǾ have practiced family medicine and geriatricsǾ continued to serve as medical director of the Piatt County ursing

omeǾ served as coroner of Piatt CountyǾ became an viation edical 5aminerǾ went bac( into the ir orce Reserves and retired as Colonel in ǗǕǕǝǾȋ e5plains r. anint. ȊSoǾ thin( my wife and are ready to slow down a little as of une ǖǾ ǗǕǗǗȂȋ Ȋr. anintȉs contribution to the health of Piatt County is impossible to .uantifyǾȋ says Kirby edical Center C Steve Tenhouse. Ȋ e has served as our medical staƛ presidentǾ member of the governing board of Kirby edical Center and also as the assistant coroner and coroner in Piatt County. e are forever indebted to him and his wifeǾ CathyǾ for their lifeȉs wor( and wish them the very best in their retirement from the Kirby edical roup practice.ȋ The Kirby family is going to miss r. anint deeplyǾ and we are forever grateful for the many years of service and dedication he has provided to Piatt County and beyond. ecause of doctors li(e himǾ our community members can receive highȒ .uality care right here in onticello. Cheers to a wonderful retirement!


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