Kirby Annual Report 2021

Making Our Communities Stronger Paint Piatt Pin(ȉs annual eƛorts to support local patients with breast cancer generated over ʏǖǚǾǕǕǕ in ǗǕǗǖ. ighlighting the fundraising eƛorts was the raƛle of a morganite ring donated by Caitlin ic(s esign. The Kirby oundation is incredibly grateful for the generosity of Caitlin ic(s of Caitlin Kic(s esignǾ those who purchased raƛle tic(ets and bought Paint Piatt Pin( shirtsǾ and local businesses and schools who partnered with us to support our eƛorts. our simple acts of (indness give local breast cancer patients hope and inspiration.

Together, We Make an Impact The irby oundation is committed to helping shape the future of healthcare in our communities through your gifts. our contribution directly supports programenhancements and e.uipment updates that fulfill current and future needs. our giftǾ nomatter howmuchǾ helps us impact the future. Please consider partnering with us andma(ing an investment by completing the attached contribution form.

Grateful for Your Commitment n behalf of The Kirby oundation oard of irectorsǾ want to than(

this critical programǾ which (ept students and faculty members in the classroom. n the remaining pages of this annual reportǾ we recogni7e those who have contributed to the Kirby mission and have shown their commitment to strengthening our future. e hope you feel great pride in the doors of opportunity you are opening for our providersǾ staƛǾ patients and fellow community members.

youǾ our donors and community supportersǾ for your

dedication to Kirby. our commitment to local healthcare is helping shape a healthy future in Piatt County for generations to come. e are profoundly grateful for your partnership. lthough this past year was challengingǾ we are incredibly proud of the resilience of our frontline caregivers and the inspiring ways our community partners supported those in need.  powerful e5ample of the impact of teamwor( is the free C ȒǖǞ school testing program. our generous support to the reatest eed und allowed us to fund

Than( you for your loyal support.

ith appreciationǾ

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