Kirby Annual Report 2021

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To Our Donors Thak You Cumulative Giving Recognition e celebrate cumulative giving to The Kirby oundation and e5tend our appreciation to the following who embrace philanthropy.

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Craig and Pam ardwic( ave and Kathy arms eathȉsǾ nc. Keith and ary erbold anice onnon eƛrey . onnon r. arain and Reeta andhan ob and Sheila cCoppin Lila Miller onticello ndustrial ction CorporationǾ nc. Randy . and ennifer . oss r. illiam . undt Pathology ssociates of Central llinoisǾ T. Pearls ǔ oreǾ illiam aworth Patricia Rice on and eronica Seevers

alfour Concord Thomas . and inda Curtis The state of argaret illavou ac( and Kay rew ESA r. Roger and dy wald etty . ant7 Carol ulley orothy ac(ett randon and eeann issong

Community Health Visionary Cumulative gifts of $500,000 or more The Kirby u5iliary verett and ercedes cCoppin ubrey T. and anetta . illigan Trust ic( and nn S(agenberg Community Health Benefactor Cumulative gifts of $250,000 to $499,999 The Ruth nne osselin state Steve and etsy ills Community Health Champion Cumulative gifts of $100,000 to $249,999 The yers amily The Carle oundation irst State ancorp of onticelloǾ nc. Thomas R. ice state Community Health Leader Cumulative gifts of $50,000 to $99,999 illiam lasgow ary and nnette uisinga amily P organ Chase avid and Sandra ampert onn Piatt and Kathleen Piatt arry and Karen Stephens

Ric( and eanene Stephens The Timmons amily Susan and eorge Timmons ary Timmons

renda and ay Timmons ynn and ill Timmons Community Health Partner Cumulative gifts of $25,000 to $49,999 im and ean allsrud Phillip . and elicity . en'amin

Keith and Pat utson r. apoleon Knight

irst idȒ llinois an( ǔ Trust r. and rs. ames . anint

r. .. Sievers amily State an( of ement illiam . Tracy and laine . Tracy Craig and ec(y ebb ichael and eborah est'ohn Chuc( and Kristin ett(e Community Health Patron Cumulative gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 ill bbottǾ nc. merican 5press ichael . and rittany twood argaret ateman Sheila Carnder an and arb Carroll

r. ill and Sheila an(er a5 . and PamcCartney illerǾ TracyǾ raunǾ un( and iller td. r. and rs. ichael uscatella

embers ive Powered by ust ive onticello rea ducation oundation PetryȒKuhne CompanyǾ C ohn and Shelly Schaefer Stan and iriam Seevers ruce and Carol Stoddard Steven . and Pamela . Tenhouse Community Health Advocate Cumulative gifts of $10,000 to $24,999 ill and Tamara bbott Charles and Shelly urgener

Cindy and avid elson on and arcia elson at and anet Rassi Robins ǔ orton eremy and Sarah Ross The Rotary Club of onticello etty R. Shambaugh ertrude Siders Tom and Charleen alsh Candice oodrum

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