Kirby Annual Report 2021

Traditionof Compassion $100-$499 odi llen Heidi Apperson im allsrud arry and oretta artram argaret ateman an entley avid and Rose ittel ill and Sheri lic(han eƛ and Karla radley Richard and ancy ranch Andrew and Tonya uƛenbarger arry and Carolyn undy elmar . urgin Scott and Sandy urnsmier onna K. Carpenter isa Castang Curves for omen r. Tom and ary avey Troy and Teresa uncan Ed and Karen Ewald Kevin and roo(e eeney i(e and ic(i eeney an and avid ehrenbacher ames and ilma endley ohn and onna oley etty ean ant7 lenn and ngie inalic( od amily ǔ riends CateringǾ nc. Tara rabarc7y( ichelle and Rich ross ianne and Craig ays Paula eath Glenn and Kandace eistand amily

Tradition of Caring up to $99 Sarah dams Christina radley Brenda Brown Susan usby Ann Collins auren Coovert Terry and renda Cummings Sue i5on renda unn red and ev ric(son iriam arrett la(e and elissa ood rian agan Rita R. atfield ichael and Carla aw(ins ac( and nn ehn manda ettinger Peggy ettinger ean and inda owarter Paul ohnson Sarah ones Cara Kallembach Randy and Kathy Keith Ann and Eric Leisner r. Robert and iane ent7

Tami ornbac( vonne owland oan and oug Kepley lan and . . King eorgia King Tony and Crystal Kir(man illiam ehman avid and oralea iss ac( and une c regor ar( and ec(y esplay lbert and Cathy itchell artha orris ohn and nne ation Sharon Kay orman Prairie ragon Paddlers on and onn Pratt reg and Kathy Plun( ave and an Redman . ane Reed ohn and i7 Regan artha nn Rhoades Roger and ary Rhodes r. ohn SochorǾ S rian and Kathy Sowins(i arrell and eth Stevens ean Stoddard d and lanche Stoller ohn Storsved ruce and eslie Stri(e Bill and Elaine Tracy Steven . and Pamela . Tenhouse illiam and eslie ever im and etty hetstone ane iggins Rory and roo(e right Ken and ee right

With Gratitude Thak You

To Our Donors ur than(s to every donor for your generous support of The Kirby oundation. our giƞs ma(e a lasting impact in our communities and touch the lives of our patients and staƛ. f your name has been inadvertently omittedǾ contact us at giveȯ( January 1 – December 31, 2021

Tradition of Excellence $5,000+ Steve and arilyn yers illiam lasgow Kirby u5iliary ob and Sheila cCoppin Steve and etsy ills PetryȒKuhne CompanyǾ C Richard and nn S(agenberg state Chuc( and Kristin ett(e Tradition of Leading $1,000-$4,999 ichael . andrittany twood im and inda yers Phillip and elicity en'amin lue Ridge ducational oundation avid and eth rown amily Charles and Shelly urgener

ames Krat7 anice onnon eƛrey . onnon

Cancer Care Specialists of Central Illinois Matt and Starla Carr Kay rew Patric( and arilyn eeney irst idȒ llinois an( ǔ Trust First State Bancorp of onticelloǾ nc. eartland an( and Trust Company randon . issongǾ  ale and ancy uisinga ave and ebby uisinga Tony and Christina Pomonis Pat Rice ic( and llen Robroc( anet and erry Schauf Steve and Kathi Schilling State an( of ement TopƝight rain Cooperative T'r ǔ Tsr ic( and ndrea alder r. ruce intersteen r. arold and laine oon

r. and rs. ames . anint onticello ighSchool PepClub Randy . and ennifer . oss Pathology ssociates of Central llinoisǾ T. Piatt County irefighters ssociation

eremy and Sarah Ross ohn and Shelly Schaefer

r. .. Sievers amily The Timmons amily Susan and eorge Timmons ary Timmons renda and ay Timmons ynn and ill Timmons Chris and Kelly hlari( ichael and eborahest'ohn Tradition of Healing $500-$999 Kimberly lvis Gary and Marlena Bordson urgess ǔ ClineǾ nc.

atthew ar(ell Charlie and Tiana ontgomery

rian and Kristi ullini5 Russ and Kathy Proch Pat and Tom Rhoades Su7anne See arry Shon(wiler elissa Tac(ett Richard and Cheryl etherell

Caitlin ic(s esignǾ nc. Keith and ary erbold r. apoleon Knight


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