Kirby Annual Report 2021

Committed to Making a Difference The Kirby oundation honors the following supporters for ma(ing an investment for five or more consecutive calendar years. Their consistent giving strengthens and transforms the healthcare we provide to our communities.

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Legacy of Commitment The Kirby oundation and the Piatt County ursing ome oundation announced significant giƞs from the Richard and nn S(agenberg state in ǗǕǗǖ. The S(agenbergs supported The Kirby oundation for over ǗǕ years and were recogni7ed in ǗǕǖǖ for their substantial contribution to the Replacement ospital Campaign.

ohnandnneation onand onnPratt Russ andKathyProch aveand anRedman TomandPat Rhoades Roger andaryRhodes Pat Rice ic(andllenRobroc( eremy andSarahRoss

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ames andilma endley irstidȒ llinoisan(ǔTrust First StateBancorpof onticelloǾ nc.

Ȋic( and nn believed in investing in the ne5t generation. They will always be remembered for their generous spirit and this impactful giƞ to our communityǾȋ says Steve TenhouseǾ CǾ Kirby edical Center. The Kirby oundation oard of irectors is discussing where the funding is most needed and how to appropriately recogni7e their legacy of giving. ȊThe magnitude of commitment and generous support by ic( and nn over their lifetime reƝects their confidence in our physicians and staƛ. e are humbled by their generosityǾȋ says Tenhouse.

Memorials The Kirby oundation remembers and honors those who were recogni7ed with a memorial giƞ in ǗǕǗǖ.

William (Bill) J. Abbott oscoe (oss) M. BradyǾ ..S. hris berheim red . oss harles (huc() . ett(e


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