Kirby Annual Report 2021

irby Medical enter was created in ǖǞǙǖ by a charitable gift from the irby family. We are a not-for- profit organi7ation that does not have stoc(holders. HoweverǾ we do have sta(eholders – individuals or groups who benefit from the hospital’s .uality services. A hospital’s sta(eholders can include its patientsǾ families and the community. Sta(eholders also include employeesǾ physiciansǾ businesses and other community healthcare providers, all of which have an interest in seeing the hospital succeed. The Board of irectors of irby Medical enter is made up of a group of dedicated sta(eholders committed to governing the hospital the irby family gave to Piatt ounty. The governing board’s responsibilities include setting and monitoring the strategic direction of irby Medical enterǾ overseeing the chief e5ecutive oƛicer’s operation of the hospital and continually evaluating the hospital’s performance. G O V E R N I N G Board of Directors

Gary Huisinga Chair

Karla Bradley Vice Chair

Michelle Gross Treasurer

Steven . Tenhouse Chief Executive Officer, Secretary (ex officio)

Michael Atwood

avid S. Brown

Edward Ewald

Lu(e M. eeney

David Remmert Narain.MandhanǾM Chief Medical Officer

Thomas Scaggs, MD

J. raig Webb

Steve Ayers Honorary Emeritus

Jim Ballsrud Honorary Emeritus

Steve Mills Honorary Emeritus

Bill Tracy Honorary Emeritus


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