Kirby Annual Report 2021




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When Our Communities Come Together…

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A Message to Our Community

TA B L E O F Contents 2 A Message From the CEO 3 Board of Directors 4 ommunity Benefit by the Numbers 6 Award-Winning Care 7 New Services 8 Community Care and New Providers 10 2021 Scholarships 12 Lab Services 14 elebrating r. Jim Manint 16 The irby oundation 18 Donor Recognition

Vision Statement Kirby Medical Center will be the market leader in providing accessible, high- quality healthcare that consistently exceeds our customers’ expectations. We will be stewards of the community by developing and providing services that make Piatt County and surrounding areas healthier places to live. Core Values & Behavior Standards Kirby Medical Center is a “values-based” organization, which means we have certain core values and behavior standards that drive us as a hospital and determine our future success. Saying we are values-driven is easy to do. Actually modeling our values takes the commitment of every person that works here at Kirby Medical Center. What does that mean for you? It means as we provide service to you or your loved ones, our service is guided by our values. Our organization will be enhanced because we are able to create and maintain the culture that will support us through our many and varied challenges in healthcare. You play an important role in achieving our goals and fulfilling our mission. Than( you for choosing us for your healthcareȂ


A Message From the CEO


Our theme of the annual report centers around bringing communities together and creating lasting change. Those words seem so very important as we hopefully wind down the 2-year pandemic and focus on recovery and growth. There is no doubt the eƛect of the pandemic has leƞ mar(s that will last on everyone in this areaǾ local businesses, communities as a whole and even Kirby Medical Center. We have learned to adapt to new processes and procedures, and that’s actually nothing new! Healthcare is always in a state of growth and adaptation to the world around us to provide better healthcare in a safer environment. ot everyoneǾ nor every communityǾ has been able to adaptǾ and it can ta(e a toll. s we wor(ed through our triennial Community Health Needs Assessment at the end of 2021 and into early 2022, it became apparent a lot of our community focus over the next few years needs to be on healing: helping the communities we serve to heal and create opportunities for people to be part of that communityǾ and help those people remember what itȉs li(e to socialize and actually spend time with each other. Isolation is very, very hard to deal with long-term, and mental health needs were again identified by our health needs assessment focus groups as a top priority. e loo( forward to wor(ing closely with our partners at Piatt County ental ealth and the ealth epartmentǾ the schools and the communities we serve throughout the area to bring us all closer together. Bern Williams, an English philosopher, is quoted as saying, “Man never made any material as resilient as the human spiritǾȋ and believe that to be true. Than( you for believing in us and supporting us Ȕ we will Ȋpay it forwardȋ this year and for years to come!

Steven D. Tenhouse, MHA, FACHE Chief Executive Officer


irby Medical enter was created in ǖǞǙǖ by a charitable gift from the irby family. We are a not-for- profit organi7ation that does not have stoc(holders. HoweverǾ we do have sta(eholders – individuals or groups who benefit from the hospital’s .uality services. A hospital’s sta(eholders can include its patientsǾ families and the community. Sta(eholders also include employeesǾ physiciansǾ businesses and other community healthcare providers, all of which have an interest in seeing the hospital succeed. The Board of irectors of irby Medical enter is made up of a group of dedicated sta(eholders committed to governing the hospital the irby family gave to Piatt ounty. The governing board’s responsibilities include setting and monitoring the strategic direction of irby Medical enterǾ overseeing the chief e5ecutive oƛicer’s operation of the hospital and continually evaluating the hospital’s performance. G O V E R N I N G Board of Directors

Gary Huisinga Chair

Karla Bradley Vice Chair

Michelle Gross Treasurer

Steven . Tenhouse Chief Executive Officer, Secretary (ex officio)

Michael Atwood

avid S. Brown

Edward Ewald

Lu(e M. eeney

David Remmert Narain.MandhanǾM Chief Medical Officer

Thomas Scaggs, MD

J. raig Webb

Steve Ayers Honorary Emeritus

Jim Ballsrud Honorary Emeritus

Steve Mills Honorary Emeritus

Bill Tracy Honorary Emeritus


Couity Beefit

By the Numbers

5,024 Emergency Department Visits

26,347 Clinic Visits

152,391 Inpatient and outpatient visits, procedures and ambulance trips 27,513 Prescriptions filled 13,862 KMC Active visits

91,994 Lab Tests

859 Surgeries

12,109 Radiology Images

1,908 Observation/ Patient Days

26,872 Rehab & Therapy Modality Visits

1,509 Ambulance Trips



Sports physical clinics for student athletes


School-based health education programs

Number of employees

CPR training

Mental health first aid training



Total gross employee wages

Financial assistance for those unable to pay

Girls on the Run coaching

Community garden


About the Kirby Financial Assistance Program Kirby edical Center is a notȒforȒprofit ǚǕǖțcȜțǘȜ corporation that provides highȒ.uality medical care to all individuals Ȕ regardless of their ability to pay. To help local families struggling to aƛord their medical e5pensesǾ we created the Kirby inancial ssistance Program. s part of our notȒforȒprofit missionǾ the program continues to positively impact community members today by giving them access to the care they need Ȕ without the burden of undue financial stress.


Award-Winning Care

2021 Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award Recipient Kirby Medical Center was named a 2021 Guardian of Excellence Award® winner for Ambulatory Surgery by Press Ganey, the national leader in healthcare consumer and workforce engagement. Press Ganey recognizes Kirby as a top-performing healthcare organization achieving the 95th percentile or above for performance in patient experience. The Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award is a preeminent, competitive achievement for leading healthcare organizations. Presented annually, the award recognizes hospitals and health systems that consistently sustained performance in the top 5% of all Press Ganey clients.

Celebrating Sustained Excellence in Employee Engagement Kirby Medical Center is proud to be a winner of the 2021 Pinnacle of Excellence Award® for Employee Engagement. Kirby is only one of three hospitals in the country, with fewer than 2,500 employees, awarded the prestigious Pinnacle of Excellence honor by Press Ganey. Press Ganey recognizes Kirby as a top-performing healthcare organization by annually achieving the 95th percentile or higher in employee engagement.

Excellence in Quality Care Last November, the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN) recognized Kirby Medical Center for its ongoing commitment to exceptional quality of care. As part of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Program (MBQIP), Kirby Medical Center and other critical access hospitals were asked to voluntarily participate in four defined domains of quality outcomes. These four domains include: Patient Safety/Inpatient, Patient Engagement, Care Transitions and Outpatient Measures. Kirby Medical Center was recognized for being in the top 10% of all critical access hospitals in the country for exceptional outpatient quality of care as well as exceptional care transitions for all emergency department transfer patients.




Atwood Clinic Now Open and Ready to Serve You Af ter much planning and preparation, Kirby was thrilled to open the doors to its new Atwood Clinic location in early fall 2021. The clinic, now located at 100 East US Highway 36, provides Atwood and the surrounding communities with a more comprehensive, convenient healthcare experience. The new 6,000-square-foot facility sits on a 1.5-acre lot and is open to care for patients Monday – Friday. In addition to providing primary care and a Sav-Mor Pharmacy, KMG-Atwood has dedicated mental health counseling, a walk-in lab, an X-ray room and shuttle service to Kirby Medical Center twice a week. Vaccinations, splinting and casting and minor procedures can all be taken care of at the new clinic.

Enhanced Convenience at Kirby Quick Care At Kirby, we understand coughs, colds, bumps and bruises don’t always happen during regular business hours. That’s why in 2021 we enhanced Kirby Quick Care, with upgraded features like: • Designated Quick Care providers to help streamline the check-in process and reduce time in the waiting room. • On-site pharmacy, Kirby Rx, open during Quick Care hours. • Emergency Department next door if more advanced care is needed. • Expanded hours: Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. – noon.

New Therapy & Wellness Center Approved and Coming Soon In December 2021, the Kirby Medical Center governing board of directors unanimously approved the development of the new Kirby Therapy & Wellness Center in the Sage Crossing commercial subdivision. The 22,000-square-foot building will be the new home of Kirby Therapy Services, Kirby Nutrition andWellness Services, SAIL (Stay Active & Independent for Life) and KMC Active. Additionally, the building will feature a new therapy pool, a service that has been discussed formany years. The new center will benefit patients of all agesǾ from pediatrics to athletes and older adults, and the bigger space will allow Kirby to expand and improve its wellness and exercise programs. Site work is underway and expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.


Coecting Our Community with Care


Kirby and Monticello High School team up to build healthy habits among students.

A recently conducted Community Health Needs Assessment unveiled a need to educate young people in our community about diabetes and other chronic disease prevention. To help meet this needǾ ndrew uƛenbargerǾ Chief Compliance ƛicer of KirbyȀ dam ClappǾ onticello igh School PrincipalȀ and ndy ooreǾ onticello igh School Health Teacher, came together to create a program that brings healthcare experts directly into the classroom. Kic(ing oƛ in late spring ǗǕǗǖǾ guest spea(ers nna CrawfordǾ ordan arney and Sara ades presented at onticello High School, with topics including good nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction and living a healthy lifestyle. Our very own pharmacist, Dan Burkybile, also presented to students this past fall. This initiative has proven to resonate with students, and the high school plans to form a health club at the start of school next fall. Kirby is thankful for this partnership with Monticello High School and looks forward to providing health education to students for years to come.


Kirby Medical Center is honored to be recognized for its partnership with the Monticello School District. The Kirby Room in the new Sievers Center signifies our support and commitment to collaborating with the school district to ensure a healthy future for Piatt County.


Welcoing New Providers

As demand for our services continues to grow, so does our team of knowledgeable and highly trained providers. We were proud to welcome six new members to the Kirby Medical Group family.

Jessie Clapp Licensed Clinical Social Worker Mental Health Services KMG - Monticello

Kristie Krigbaum Licensed Clinical Social Worker Mental Health Services KMG - Monticello

Medical Care for the Whole Family Dr. Lauren Fore, Family Practice KMG - Monticello In early 2022, Kirby Medical Center welcomed Lauren Fore, MD, to its Monticello team of physicians. Dr. Fore looks forward to caring for you and your family, and she is currently accepting new patients!

Kelley Evans Nurse Practitioner Primary Care KMG - Monticello

Andrea Tirpak Nurse Practitioner Family Practice KMG - Cerro Gordo

Tara Shutt Nurse Practitioner Family Practice KMG - Atwood

Jamey Witmer Nurse Practitioner Family Practice KMG - Cerro Gordo


Kirby Medical Center Healthcare Scholarship Recipients

The Kirby Auxiliary Kirby Auxiliary members provided endless support and invaluable contributions in 2021. Newmembers are always welcome. If you are interested in joining, print and complete a membership form found at or pick one up from our welcome desk.

In 2021, Kirby Medical Center and The Kirby Foundation awarded four outstanding recipients with the Kirby Medical Center Healthcare Scholarship. Funded through income received from farmland donations and contributions to The Kirby Foundation, this scholarship can cover up to 100 percent of a student’s tuition, housing and books. In return, these students will return to their local community and provide a service commitment to Kirby upon earning their degree.

Kirby Auxiliary members 228

New members in 2021 6

Made in fundraising sales $42,090

Volunteers who filled various shifts at the Auxiliary Gift Shop 26

Tatum Auth Tatum is attending llinois State niversity to become a registered nurse.

Kelsey Brewer Kelsey is attending Par(land College to earn her registered nursing degree.

Grace Burnsmier race is attending Par(land College to complete her registered nursing degree.

Victoria Vandivier ictoria is a Par(land College student wor(ing toward her registered nursing degree.

Volunteer hours 3,646


Thomas Dixon Memorial Scholarship Recipients

athletic trainer. She plans to graduate in May 2022. Madelynn is the daughter of Cara Kallembach of Monticello. Josiah Ratts: Josiah is a junior at the University of Michigan. He is studying to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He plans to graduate in May of 2023. Josiah is the son of Rich and Nancy Ratts of Monticello. Jarron Roy: Jarron graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering. He is now in the MD/PhD Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After completing his education, he plans to work in academic medicine to treat patients and research novel cancer treatments. Jarron is the son of Kevin and Keely Roy. Megan Schumacher: Megan is a junior nursing student at Illinois Wesleyan University. She plans to graduate in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After she graduates as an RN, BSN, she plans to continue her education to become an advanced practical nurse (APN). Megan is the daughter of Eric and Jennifer Schumacher of Mansfield. Morgan Workman: Morgan is currently finishing the last two semesters of the Occupational Therapy program at Indiana State University. She is at OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria in a clinical rotation of rehabilitating upper extremity orthopedic conditions. She will then finish her clinical rotation at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center in Mattoon working in home health. She received her Master of Science in December 2021. Her career goal is to work in home health in rural communities. Morgan is the daughter of Michael Workman and Laura Clancy. F I R S T-T I ME R EC I P I ENT S : Maddison Burke: Maddison was enrolled in the RN to BSN program at Illinois State University. She graduated in December 2021. Maddison is the daughter of David and Stacy Burke of DeLand. Kierston Rogers: Kierston is enrolled at Parkland College in the Nursing Program. She plans to graduate in December of 2022. Her career goal is to become a registered nurse. Kierston is the daughter of Kyle and Kelly Rogers of Bement. Natalie Wilkin: Natalie started studying in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky in fall 2021. She plans to graduate with a PharmD and MBA using the dual degree program through the university. Her goal after graduation is to be accepted into a pharmacy residency program to pursue a career in hospital pharmacy. She is passionate about helping her community through healthcare and is looking forward to starting her professional career. Natalie is the daughter of Scott and Diana Wilkin. Lydia (Brewer) Strowmatt: Lydia is enrolled in the Nursing Program at Parkland College. She plans to graduate in May 2022. Her career goal is to become an orthopedic registered nurse. Lydia and her husband, Daniel, live in Monticello.


The Kirby u5iliary provides the Thomas i5on emorial Scholarships annually to area students who have an interest in pursuing a career in a medical field.

CONT I NU I NG R EC I P I ENT S : Kenneth David Alexander: David is a junior in the Biomedical Engineering program at the University of Kentucky this fall. He plans to graduate in May 2023. David is the son of Angie Stanford of Monticello. Madison Blackburn: Madison graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral neuroscience in May 2019. She is currently studying at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. She spent nine weeks in Anchorage, Alaska, where she worked in an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic for her first clinical rotation – and saw some remarkable Alaskan wildlife. Going forward, she plans to graduate from Washington University in May 2023 and subsequently take her board exams to begin work as a licensed physical therapist. Aside from her studies, she enjoys exercising, traveling and reading. She is very grateful for being awarded this scholarship that will help her keep her loan borrowing to a minimum. Madison is the daughter of Mark and Rebecca Blackburn of Monticello. Abigail Elston: Abigail is a junior at Eastern Illinois University, majoring in communication sciences and disorders. She plans to become a speech language pathologist. Abigail is the daughter of Christopher and Kathy Elston of Monticello. Claire Huisinga: Claire is enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at A.T. Still University in Missouri. Her career goal is to become a physical therapist. She plans to graduate in June 2023. Claire is the daughter of Gary and Annette Huisinga of Monticello. Madelynn Kallembach: Madelynn is enrolled in the Master of Athletic Training Graduate Program at Eastern Kentucky University. Her career goal is to become an


K I R B Y L A B S E R V I C E S Meeting Increased Community Needs and Exceeding Patient Expectations

Healthcare wor(ers around the world have been facing the demands and challenges of  -ǖǞ for over two full years. Before the pandemic even beganǾ irby’s laboratory staƛ was going above and beyond to provide reliable testing in a close-to-home setting for community members in Piatt ounty and the surrounding areas. NowǾ as regular testing needs are combined with demand for accessible  -ǖǞ testingǾ our lab continues to shine and endlessly serve our communities. We are forever grateful to our board-certified technologists and technicians for their dedicationǾ resilience and unwavering commitment to providing close-to-homeǾ trusted healthcare.



91,994 Other Lab

Total COVID-19 Tests Conducted (as of 12/31/21)

Tests Completed



As the  -ǖǞ pandemic pressed into 202ǖǾ irby continued to provide free rapid testing to students and staƛ at area schools. This program proved to be a vital resource throughout the most challenging times. We tested tirelessly to ma(e sure  -negative students and staƛ could stay where they thrived mostǿ in the classroom. This program came to a close on ecember 2ǖǾ 202ǖǾ and we were proud to provide our communities and schools the resources needed to remain happy and healthy.

S CHOOL COV I D - 1 9 T E S T I NG WR A P - UP :

495 Staff Tests

6,189 Total Tests

5,694 Student Tests

30,000 Estimated School/ Workdays Saved

132 Average Tests per Week


A Career of Service and Compassion ƞer nearly four decades serving Kirby edical Center and Piatt CountyǾ r. anint is hanging up his white coat and retiring in une ǗǕǗǗ. Celebrating Dr. James Manint

t the end of the dayǾ we had seen

14 patients, and we never loo(ed bac(Ȃ says r. anint.

r. anint started his Kirby career wor(ing as a custodian at the hospital. t the timeǾ he was only a sophomore in high schoolǾ but that e5perience opened his eyes to the positive impact a physician can have on patients. e decided to pursue a career in medicine and wor(ed diligently to become a compassionateǾ trusted family practice and geriatrics physician. Ȋy career began in ebruary ǖǞǝǙǾ when opened my oƛice on the former Kirby ospital groundsǾȋ e5plains r. anint. Ȋy wifeǾ CathyȀ my nurseǾ arilyn rmstrongȀ and began that Tuesday with the anticipation of having a slow dayǾ as was new in town.ȋ oweverǾ it was clear the community was thrilled to have a new doctor in townǾ and r. anint and his team e5perienced a very eventful first day.

Since that first dayǾ r. anint never slowed down.

Ȋver the past ǘǝ yearsǾ have practiced family medicine and geriatricsǾ continued to serve as medical director of the Piatt County ursing

omeǾ served as coroner of Piatt CountyǾ became an viation edical 5aminerǾ went bac( into the ir orce Reserves and retired as Colonel in ǗǕǕǝǾȋ e5plains r. anint. ȊSoǾ thin( my wife and are ready to slow down a little as of une ǖǾ ǗǕǗǗȂȋ Ȋr. anintȉs contribution to the health of Piatt County is impossible to .uantifyǾȋ says Kirby edical Center C Steve Tenhouse. Ȋ e has served as our medical staƛ presidentǾ member of the governing board of Kirby edical Center and also as the assistant coroner and coroner in Piatt County. e are forever indebted to him and his wifeǾ CathyǾ for their lifeȉs wor( and wish them the very best in their retirement from the Kirby edical roup practice.ȋ The Kirby family is going to miss r. anint deeplyǾ and we are forever grateful for the many years of service and dedication he has provided to Piatt County and beyond. ecause of doctors li(e himǾ our community members can receive highȒ .uality care right here in onticello. Cheers to a wonderful retirement!



To Our Donors Thak You



The Kirby Foundation Board of Directors

Steve TenhouseǾ Secretary

u(e eeneyǾ Board Chair

avid S. rownǾ Treasurer

eronica SeeversǾ Vice Chair

Tony Kir(man

randon issong

ohn rerichs

ill aworth

Kathy Plun(

Tony Pomonis

ay Timmons

Rory right


Making Our Communities Stronger Paint Piatt Pin(ȉs annual eƛorts to support local patients with breast cancer generated over ʏǖǚǾǕǕǕ in ǗǕǗǖ. ighlighting the fundraising eƛorts was the raƛle of a morganite ring donated by Caitlin ic(s esign. The Kirby oundation is incredibly grateful for the generosity of Caitlin ic(s of Caitlin Kic(s esignǾ those who purchased raƛle tic(ets and bought Paint Piatt Pin( shirtsǾ and local businesses and schools who partnered with us to support our eƛorts. our simple acts of (indness give local breast cancer patients hope and inspiration.

Together, We Make an Impact The irby oundation is committed to helping shape the future of healthcare in our communities through your gifts. our contribution directly supports programenhancements and e.uipment updates that fulfill current and future needs. our giftǾ nomatter howmuchǾ helps us impact the future. Please consider partnering with us andma(ing an investment by completing the attached contribution form.

Grateful for Your Commitment n behalf of The Kirby oundation oard of irectorsǾ want to than(

this critical programǾ which (ept students and faculty members in the classroom. n the remaining pages of this annual reportǾ we recogni7e those who have contributed to the Kirby mission and have shown their commitment to strengthening our future. e hope you feel great pride in the doors of opportunity you are opening for our providersǾ staƛǾ patients and fellow community members.

youǾ our donors and community supportersǾ for your

dedication to Kirby. our commitment to local healthcare is helping shape a healthy future in Piatt County for generations to come. e are profoundly grateful for your partnership. lthough this past year was challengingǾ we are incredibly proud of the resilience of our frontline caregivers and the inspiring ways our community partners supported those in need.  powerful e5ample of the impact of teamwor( is the free C ȒǖǞ school testing program. our generous support to the reatest eed und allowed us to fund

Than( you for your loyal support.

ith appreciationǾ

CDitOiQ +icNV riJht Rf CDitOiQ +icNV 'eViJQ iQ 0RQticeOOR GeViJQeG the riQJ Ũ Zhich iQcOuGeG SOeQt\ Rf SiQN Ũ DV D ZD\ tR hRQRr ORveG RQeV ZhR hDve EDttOeG EreDVt cDQcer 7he ZiQQiQJ ticNet EeORQJiQJ tR .irVteQ %DrrerD Oeft Rf 0RQticeOOR ZDV GrDZQ RQ 1RvePEer  

Sarah S. Ross 'irectRr Rf 'eveORSPeQt 7he .irE\ )RuQGDtiRQ


Cross itǾ nc. enry and Sarah unn dward . and Karen . wald u(e . eeney amily oley ǔ ardner P ac( and Sonya ans and amily Carol ulley

To Our Donors Thak You Cumulative Giving Recognition e celebrate cumulative giving to The Kirby oundation and e5tend our appreciation to the following who embrace philanthropy.

ma(e the D I F F ERENC E

Craig and Pam ardwic( ave and Kathy arms eathȉsǾ nc. Keith and ary erbold anice onnon eƛrey . onnon r. arain and Reeta andhan ob and Sheila cCoppin Lila Miller onticello ndustrial ction CorporationǾ nc. Randy . and ennifer . oss r. illiam . undt Pathology ssociates of Central llinoisǾ T. Pearls ǔ oreǾ illiam aworth Patricia Rice on and eronica Seevers

alfour Concord Thomas . and inda Curtis The state of argaret illavou ac( and Kay rew ESA r. Roger and dy wald etty . ant7 Carol ulley orothy ac(ett randon and eeann issong

Community Health Visionary Cumulative gifts of $500,000 or more The Kirby u5iliary verett and ercedes cCoppin ubrey T. and anetta . illigan Trust ic( and nn S(agenberg Community Health Benefactor Cumulative gifts of $250,000 to $499,999 The Ruth nne osselin state Steve and etsy ills Community Health Champion Cumulative gifts of $100,000 to $249,999 The yers amily The Carle oundation irst State ancorp of onticelloǾ nc. Thomas R. ice state Community Health Leader Cumulative gifts of $50,000 to $99,999 illiam lasgow ary and nnette uisinga amily P organ Chase avid and Sandra ampert onn Piatt and Kathleen Piatt arry and Karen Stephens

Ric( and eanene Stephens The Timmons amily Susan and eorge Timmons ary Timmons

renda and ay Timmons ynn and ill Timmons Community Health Partner Cumulative gifts of $25,000 to $49,999 im and ean allsrud Phillip . and elicity . en'amin

Keith and Pat utson r. apoleon Knight

irst idȒ llinois an( ǔ Trust r. and rs. ames . anint

r. .. Sievers amily State an( of ement illiam . Tracy and laine . Tracy Craig and ec(y ebb ichael and eborah est'ohn Chuc( and Kristin ett(e Community Health Patron Cumulative gifts of $5,000 to $9,999 ill bbottǾ nc. merican 5press ichael . and rittany twood argaret ateman Sheila Carnder an and arb Carroll

r. ill and Sheila an(er a5 . and PamcCartney illerǾ TracyǾ raunǾ un( and iller td. r. and rs. ichael uscatella

embers ive Powered by ust ive onticello rea ducation oundation PetryȒKuhne CompanyǾ C ohn and Shelly Schaefer Stan and iriam Seevers ruce and Carol Stoddard Steven . and Pamela . Tenhouse Community Health Advocate Cumulative gifts of $10,000 to $24,999 ill and Tamara bbott Charles and Shelly urgener

Cindy and avid elson on and arcia elson at and anet Rassi Robins ǔ orton eremy and Sarah Ross The Rotary Club of onticello etty R. Shambaugh ertrude Siders Tom and Charleen alsh Candice oodrum

urgess ǔ ClineǾ nc. ohn and Tri5y Corley


Traditionof Compassion $100-$499 odi llen Heidi Apperson im allsrud arry and oretta artram argaret ateman an entley avid and Rose ittel ill and Sheri lic(han eƛ and Karla radley Richard and ancy ranch Andrew and Tonya uƛenbarger arry and Carolyn undy elmar . urgin Scott and Sandy urnsmier onna K. Carpenter isa Castang Curves for omen r. Tom and ary avey Troy and Teresa uncan Ed and Karen Ewald Kevin and roo(e eeney i(e and ic(i eeney an and avid ehrenbacher ames and ilma endley ohn and onna oley etty ean ant7 lenn and ngie inalic( od amily ǔ riends CateringǾ nc. Tara rabarc7y( ichelle and Rich ross ianne and Craig ays Paula eath Glenn and Kandace eistand amily

Tradition of Caring up to $99 Sarah dams Christina radley Brenda Brown Susan usby Ann Collins auren Coovert Terry and renda Cummings Sue i5on renda unn red and ev ric(son iriam arrett la(e and elissa ood rian agan Rita R. atfield ichael and Carla aw(ins ac( and nn ehn manda ettinger Peggy ettinger ean and inda owarter Paul ohnson Sarah ones Cara Kallembach Randy and Kathy Keith Ann and Eric Leisner r. Robert and iane ent7

Tami ornbac( vonne owland oan and oug Kepley lan and . . King eorgia King Tony and Crystal Kir(man illiam ehman avid and oralea iss ac( and une c regor ar( and ec(y esplay lbert and Cathy itchell artha orris ohn and nne ation Sharon Kay orman Prairie ragon Paddlers on and onn Pratt reg and Kathy Plun( ave and an Redman . ane Reed ohn and i7 Regan artha nn Rhoades Roger and ary Rhodes r. ohn SochorǾ S rian and Kathy Sowins(i arrell and eth Stevens ean Stoddard d and lanche Stoller ohn Storsved ruce and eslie Stri(e Bill and Elaine Tracy Steven . and Pamela . Tenhouse illiam and eslie ever im and etty hetstone ane iggins Rory and roo(e right Ken and ee right

With Gratitude Thak You

To Our Donors ur than(s to every donor for your generous support of The Kirby oundation. our giƞs ma(e a lasting impact in our communities and touch the lives of our patients and staƛ. f your name has been inadvertently omittedǾ contact us at giveȯ( January 1 – December 31, 2021

Tradition of Excellence $5,000+ Steve and arilyn yers illiam lasgow Kirby u5iliary ob and Sheila cCoppin Steve and etsy ills PetryȒKuhne CompanyǾ C Richard and nn S(agenberg state Chuc( and Kristin ett(e Tradition of Leading $1,000-$4,999 ichael . andrittany twood im and inda yers Phillip and elicity en'amin lue Ridge ducational oundation avid and eth rown amily Charles and Shelly urgener

ames Krat7 anice onnon eƛrey . onnon

Cancer Care Specialists of Central Illinois Matt and Starla Carr Kay rew Patric( and arilyn eeney irst idȒ llinois an( ǔ Trust First State Bancorp of onticelloǾ nc. eartland an( and Trust Company randon . issongǾ  ale and ancy uisinga ave and ebby uisinga Tony and Christina Pomonis Pat Rice ic( and llen Robroc( anet and erry Schauf Steve and Kathi Schilling State an( of ement TopƝight rain Cooperative T'r ǔ Tsr ic( and ndrea alder r. ruce intersteen r. arold and laine oon

r. and rs. ames . anint onticello ighSchool PepClub Randy . and ennifer . oss Pathology ssociates of Central llinoisǾ T. Piatt County irefighters ssociation

eremy and Sarah Ross ohn and Shelly Schaefer

r. .. Sievers amily The Timmons amily Susan and eorge Timmons ary Timmons renda and ay Timmons ynn and ill Timmons Chris and Kelly hlari( ichael and eborahest'ohn Tradition of Healing $500-$999 Kimberly lvis Gary and Marlena Bordson urgess ǔ ClineǾ nc.

atthew ar(ell Charlie and Tiana ontgomery

rian and Kristi ullini5 Russ and Kathy Proch Pat and Tom Rhoades Su7anne See arry Shon(wiler elissa Tac(ett Richard and Cheryl etherell

Caitlin ic(s esignǾ nc. Keith and ary erbold r. apoleon Knight


Value of Support n early ecemberǾ members of the oundation oard of irectors prepared bac(pac(s filled with study snac(s and surprised our ealthcare Scholarship recipients with the care pac(age deliveries prior to their final e5ams.

The oundation oard is proud to honor these hardȒwor(ing studentsǾ and weȉre e5cited to oƛer support and encouragement to each recipient.

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Committed to Making a Difference The Kirby oundation honors the following supporters for ma(ing an investment for five or more consecutive calendar years. Their consistent giving strengthens and transforms the healthcare we provide to our communities.

ohnandShellySchaefer anet and errySchauf SteveandKathi Schilling

ichelleandRich ross Paula eath randonandeeann issong oanandouglasKepley eorgiaKing ar(andec(yesplay Steveandetsyills Randy . and ennifer . oss

Heidi Apperson ichael. andrittanytwood imallsrud argaret ateman Phillipand elicityen'amin ill andSheri lic(han Charles andShellyurgener urgessǔClineǾ nc. Scott andSandyurnsmier Matt andStarlaCarr aurenCoovert Curves foromen

r... Sievers amily Statean(of ement Steven. and Pamela . Tenhouse rendaand ayTimmons ynnandill Timmons aryTimmons Susanand eorgeTimmons Bill and ElaineTracy ichael andeborahest'ohn illiamandeslieever Kenandeeright

Legacy of Commitment The Kirby oundation and the Piatt County ursing ome oundation announced significant giƞs from the Richard and nn S(agenberg state in ǗǕǗǖ. The S(agenbergs supported The Kirby oundation for over ǗǕ years and were recogni7ed in ǗǕǖǖ for their substantial contribution to the Replacement ospital Campaign.

ohnandnneation onand onnPratt Russ andKathyProch aveand anRedman TomandPat Rhoades Roger andaryRhodes Pat Rice ic(andllenRobroc( eremy andSarahRoss

redandev ric(son EdandKarenEwald

ames andilma endley irstidȒ llinoisan(ǔTrust First StateBancorpof onticelloǾ nc.

Ȋic( and nn believed in investing in the ne5t generation. They will always be remembered for their generous spirit and this impactful giƞ to our communityǾȋ says Steve TenhouseǾ CǾ Kirby edical Center. The Kirby oundation oard of irectors is discussing where the funding is most needed and how to appropriately recogni7e their legacy of giving. ȊThe magnitude of commitment and generous support by ic( and nn over their lifetime reƝects their confidence in our physicians and staƛ. e are humbled by their generosityǾȋ says Tenhouse.

Memorials The Kirby oundation remembers and honors those who were recogni7ed with a memorial giƞ in ǗǕǗǖ.

William (Bill) J. Abbott oscoe (oss) M. BradyǾ ..S. hris berheim red . oss harles (huc() . ett(e


ǖǕǕǕ edical Center rive Monticello, IL 61856


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