RRH Newsletter Summer 2023

Dear Friends,

Despite ongoing challenges in rural healthcare, we have many positive things to report from Ridgecrest Regional Hospital this summer. First and foremost, take a look at all of our new providers that will be bringing their expertise to patients in our region! In addition to the many new providers who will bring in-demand specialties to our community, we are also pleased to welcome back Dr. Andrew Modic – who returns to RRH in both adult and pediatric clinics. Sandra Brown will also be serving as our new oncology care coordinator, who will help patients navigate what services are available at RRH, as well as those requiring referrals. Tera Moorehead, Director of Community Outreach, has taken on the additional challenge of leading our hospital foundation. We are so fortunate to have such a passionate and experienced individual leading our efforts to promote partnerships and collaborations that improve health and wellness opportunities in our community. Although RRH continues to feel the pressures that have strained healthcare providers across the state and nation — particularly those in remote areas — we continue to find ways to adjust to the challenges of resource constraints in the face of increasing demand. Our leadership team is constantly examining operations to ensure that our most critical services remain available to our community, even while regions like ours are experiencing reductions and even closures. Our board and leadership are also continuing to advocate for reforms in healthcare funding that adequately reimburse the cost of service to ensure sustainability. Most importantly, our staff continue to weather the uncertainty of earthquakes, pandemics and historic financial crises to make sure that they serve their neighbors, friends and family with compassion and professionalism.

JAMES A. SUVER, FACHE President/Chief Executive Officer

2023 BOARD OF DIRECTORS George Haslam

Judith Tharp Paige Sorbo Anita “Rita” Bell Read

James Rizzardini Lawrence Cosner Dana Lyons Martha Hoppus Margaret Hannon Chris Ellis Shrooq Abu-Issa


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