RRH Newsletter Summer 2023


2ND QUARTER Deneal Schiller, CNA at Bella Sera

In her nomination form, Deneal Schiller was commended for always going above and beyond the expectations of her job, always having a positive attitude, giving 100% all the time, being compassionate and encouraging with both staff and residents, and her can-do attitude. Deneal states, “Although the award is in my name, I want to recognize that each and every staff member here at Bella Sera is to be appreciated. We all work hard together as a team and contribute to the care and safety of our residents. Go team Bella Sera, and thank you.”

3RD QUARTER Holly Wilbur, RN from Maternal Child

In her nomination form, Holly Wilbur was commended for being a nurse that demonstrates excellence daily. Holly came as a travel nurse in 2018, and her service, compassion, hard work and dedication to this hospital have always been extraordinary! Holly ended up signing on as a staff member shortly after traveling to us. Not only do all her patients benefit from her daily, loving care, but the staff are also fortunate to work with her and learn new skills, teamwork and kindness. She has also been able to handle the toughest situations with the utmost grace and skill. We are beyond thankful for Holly and everything she has done for our RRH team.

4TH QUARTER Eddie Conde, LVN, Infection Prevention Nurse at Bella Sera

Eddie contributes astronomical amounts of time and energy to the care, safety and wellbeing of each and every resident and staff member at Bella Sera. He is constantly researching, educating, implementing policies, following protocols and testing for COVID-19 in hopes of providing as much protection as possible. In addition to his infection-prevention efforts, he spends countless hours educating and training future healthcare workers through the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. Because of his dedication and the help of his colleagues, so many CNAs have been able to succeed and begin their careers. By choosing to donate his time and energy to teach the skills necessary to provide excellent care to both residents and patients, he is an asset to not only Bella Sera and the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, but to the community as a whole.

EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR & 4TH QUARTER RECIPIENT Kayla Swafford, Radiology Department

In her nomination form, Kayla was commended for being an amazing team player. She had recently transferred departments, and just like that, she was able to pick up and learn quickly. Kayla is very helpful to staff and is incredibly caring and attentive to patients’ needs. She does her job with professionalism and without hesitation. Kayla is an amazing employee and deserves to be recognized for her hard work.


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