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• Allows for multiple users, each with their own individual login. • Provides audit trails and detailed reporting. • Works with Remote Deposit Capture to complement mobile deposit with desktop scanning in the office. Cash Vault Services Cash Vault Services make it easy for your company to make secure deposits, order cash and reduce trips to the bank. If you have employee safety and security concerns around making deposits or want to reduce risk associated with bank branch trips, Cash Vault Services provide a convenient, secure and efficient way to make deposits. With Cash Vault Services, your currency and coin needs can be fulfilled easily through phone or standing-order deliveries. QuickBooks Direct Connect Seamlessly integrate detailed transaction and balance information from Oxford Bank’s online banking into the QuickBooks®/Quicken® accounting application, all without logging in to oxfordbank.com. QuickBooks/Quicken can log in to your online banking to securely and automatically download transactions into QuickBooks in a single download. ACH Positive Pay ACH Positive Pay monitors and compares debits to existing authorizations. Items matching your criteria will be released for payment, and any exception or ACH debit without authorization will be made available online for your review before a payment is made.

ACH Fraud Filter ACH Fraud Filter is a fraud prevention tool which monitors the ACH debit activity on your account. ACH debits presented for payment to your account must be preauthorized by you. Unauthorized transactions will be returned, thereby preventing potential losses before they occur. Merchant Card Processing Merchant card processing includes a variety of innovative, flexible payment processing solutions along with excellent and local client service. Oxford Bank offers low-cost merchant processing and business development tools that enable you to accept multiple forms of payment. This suite of solutions includes processing of credit and debit card transactions, mobile processing, gift cards, online processing and check verification service, among others. Online Wire Transfers Send money from your account to accounts at other financial institutions in the U.S. or internationally safely and with ease. For your convenience, we provide several ways for you to initiate a wire transfer, including in person as well as through our online banking platform. You can send international wire transfers in U.S. dollars or foreign currency. Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC) mRDC is a mobile-based remote deposit capture solution that provides our on-the-go commercial accountholders with the ability to deposit paper checks using smartphones and tablets. • Allows commercial accountholders to deposit checks into multiple accounts. • Enables accountholders to deposit more than one check at a time.

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